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A grievance is a College related problem or condition that the complainant believes to be unfair, inequitable, discriminatory or a hindrance to the educational process. The student grievance procedure is designed to provide the opportunity to file a grievance and to provide a process for resolution of the grievance.

Informal Dispute Resolution

Before pursuing the formal complaint process, every reasonable effort should be made to constructively resolve issues with the student, faculty, staff, or administrators involved.

  1. Whenever possible and safe, the problem or complaint should first be discussed with the individual involved in the complaint. 
  2. In the case of faculty, staff or administration, if satisfactory resolution is not reached after discussion with the individual, the complainant should contact the individual’s direct supervisor to attempt to resolve the complaint.
  3. If these efforts are unsuccessful, the formal complaint process may be initiated.

The College does not require a student to contact the person involved or that person's supervisor if doing so is impracticable, or if the student believes that the conduct cannot be effectively addressed through informal means.

Formal Dispute Resolution

An individual who has a complaint is encouraged to submit the complaint in writing. Written complaints may be initiated with the online Complaint Form found on this page.  If preferred, students may request a conference with the Vice President for Student Affairs to initiate the process.

The grievance letter should:

  1. Clearly and concisely describe the alleged incident(s)
  2. Explain when and where the incident occurred
  3. Describe all informal efforts taken to resolve the issue(s)
  4. Indicate the desired remedy sought.

Any supporting documentation and evidence should be referenced within the body of the formal grievance and submitted as quickly as is practical.

Written complaints or grievances should be submitted no later than six (6) months from the date the incident occurred. An individual who believes he or she has been, or is being subjected to any form of sex/gender harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct shall bring the matter to the attention of the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee in accordance with the procedures in the College’s complaint policy. However, no procedure or step in that policy shall have the effect of requiring the student alleging harassment to present the matter to a person who is the subject of the complaint, nor shall a sexual harassment complaint be dismissed because it is not filed within certain time frame.


South Plains College Student Complaint Form

A complaint is an allegation of improper, unfair, arbitrary or discriminatory treatment by college personnel. Students should attempt to resolve concerns informally before filing a complaint. Any student or group of students may file a complaint concerning any campus issue. The South Plains College Student Complaint Policy is described in detail in the Student Guide.

Fill out one form per complaint.

The online complaint form is available at You may also submit written complaints in one of the following ways:

  • email your complaint to
  • Mail your complaint to Vice President for Student Affairs, South Plains College, 1401 College Avenue Box 5, Levelland, TX 79336