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  • Complete 2018-2019 FAFSA at (Requires 2016 tax data)
    • Select South Plains College with school code (003611)
    • Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (It will remain unavailable for the 2017-2018 school year, however, it is available for the 2018-2019 school year)
  • Check DAILY for emails on the student and parent email accounts provided on the FAFSA; including the student's SPC account
  • If selected for Verification, please follow the SPC Verification Process
  • Submit Official High School Transcript with Graduation Date to Admissions and Records
  • If a loan is needed, click here



        2017-2018  -- (requires 2015 tax data)

Summer 2018


2018-2019 -- (requires 2016 tax data)

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Summer 2019



  • All award notifications are sent via email
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress status notification



Fall & Spring Semesters          June 10

Spring Semester Only             October 15

Summer Session                     March 1

Priority Dates--Dates by which all students should complete their files to be considered for all types of aid, including limited funding for some grants and on-campus jobs; also, the date to ensure that funding will be available for the pre-registration payment due date and open registration.


If you are a returning SPC student, your 2018-2019 awards will be reassessed based on your previous semesters at SPC as our new computer system is updated. 


The budget includes estimated tuition and fees assessed a student, together with our estimate of the cost of room and board, transportation, books and supplies and miscellaneous personal expenses, student loan fees and dependent care for children under 11 years of age. The COA is estimated to show how much it may cost a student to attend SPC for nine months (based on 12 hours).
The expected family contribution (EFC) is the amount a student and his or her family is expected to pay toward the student's cost of attendance as calculated by a Congressionally mandated formula known as Federal Methodology. The EFC is determined by the FAFSA and is used to determine a student's eligibility for financial aid programs.
Form used to apply for financial aid, including most grants, loans, and work-study programs. The federal government administers the FAFSA, which can be completed online at
Remember that the application is free.
The Official Census Date is the 12th class day for the fall and spring terms. For 5 week summer terms, the Official Census Date is the 4th class day. For any other length session, please inquire in the Financial Aid Office.
The Documented Need is the difference between the Cost of Attendance (COA) and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The financial aid package is based on the amount of documented need.
COA - EFC = Documented Need
The Unmet Need is the difference between a student's Documented Need and all the aid offered for the enrollment period.
Documented Need - Aid Offered = Unmet Need 
A contract detailing the terms to pay an obligation of a loan including important rights and responsibilities.
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the federal requirement that all Financial Aid Offices track student academic progress towards earning a certificate, associate degree or transfer hours.
Requirements of SAP
In order to receive financial aid, you must meet all three of the following criteria:
  • Earn and maintain a cumulative grade point average of a 2.0 or above.
  • Maintain a pace of at least 67% (cumulative number of credit hours earned divided by the cumulative credit hours attempted as calculated on the Financial Aid Transcript).
  • Graduate with no more than 150% of the credit hours required for your declared major. This limit includes all college level course(s) a student attempts, even if the student uses their own resources.
Verification is a process that ensures the accuracy of information provided on the FAFSA. Verification must be completed for all enrolled applicants selected by the Department of Education. During this process the student and parent may be required to submit additional documentation including federal tax transcript, proof of citizenship, proof of registration with Selective Service, among other things.

Applying for financial aid can seem like a complicated process. To simplify this process, the SPC Financial Aid Office has developed a list of steps to follow. For a list of these steps, please click here.
The SPC FAFSA school code is 003611.
Please call (806) 894-9611 ext. 3800 or email
All students are required to use parents' income on the FAFSA application unless they are 24 years of age, married, a veteran, an orphan/ward of the court, a graduate student or have a dependent that they support 51 percent. Students with special circumstances should contact the Financial Aid Office.
The Department of Education selects students at random for verification. Verification is a process to compare the data reported on the FAFSA to the information submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Approximately 30 percent of FAFSA's are selected randomly for verification.
Fall & Spring Semesters June 10
Spring Semester Only October 15
Summer Session March 1
*Priority dates--Dates by which all students should complete their files to be considered for all types of aid, including limited funding for some grants and on-campus jobs; also, the date to ensure that funding will be available for the pre-registration payment due date and open registration.
June 30, 2018 for school year 2017-2018
*Absolute deadline--The last day you can submit a FAFSA form to the Department of Education for the current school year.
Yes, for students eligible for work-study.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if you are eligible. View information and available positions online at Work-Study information.
Donors should send the scholarship funds and disbursement requirements directly to the SPC Scholarship Office. Any additional questions should be directed to Shalyn Slape, Scholarship Coordinator, by phone at (806) 716-2219 or by email at
Students who have Texas Rehab, Federal Rehab, Texas National Guard and Texas Tomorrow Fund should send their documentation to the Business Office or contact Jessica Lopez at (806) 716-2401.
Contact the VA Advisor at (806) 716-2361 or (806) 716-4614 for assistance with any VA questions.

Award Letter Information

Financial Aid Award Letters will only be mailed to the student upon request.  Your aid is automatically accepted and it is your responsibility to decline the award(s) if you will not be attending or do not want the award(s). To decline your award(s), go to CampusConnect tab (at the top of this page), under Financial Aid Information on Dashboard, and "Click to Decline Your Financial Aid Awards" and continue to follow instructions.
Important information regarding your Financial Aid Award Letter:
Grant and Loan Check Availability Dates: 
Other Important Information: 
A copy of your SPC award letter will also be sent to your SPC email address that you can keep for your records; however, it will not contain the important additional information that is found on CampusConnect. 
If you qualify for grant funds (free money), your first award letter will show those; and you can request Work-Study (on-campus employment) or a Student Loan, if you wish.  Anytime you receive an additional type of aid, you will be sent an updated award letter.  If you receive a rejection letter for grants, you may request a Student Loan on our homepage before receiving your first award letter. 
Your "Unmet Need" on your award letter is not what you owe South Plains College.  It is the amount of additional funding you may be able to receive through work-study (on-campus employment), student loans and scholarships which will be applied to your Cost of Attendance.
 This link will take you to the College for All Texans Web Site.
Click the blue button to access the Net Price Calculator.