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SPC Wifi for Windows Machine

  1. Open Network & Sharing Center.  This can be done by opening Control Panel and selecting Network & Sharing Center or by selecting your wireless network option in the bottom right hand screen.
  2. Click on "Manage Wireless Networks" and select "add".
  3. Manually create a Network Profile.
  4. Network Name:  SPC
  5. Security Type:  WPA2-Enterprise
  6. Encryption type:  AES
  7. Security Key:  (leave blank)
  8. Check box "Start this connection automatically
  9. Select Next.
  10. Change connections settings.
  11. Select the security tab at the top.
  12. Select the settings and uncheck Validate server certificate
  13. Towards the bottom of that screen select "Configure" and uncheck "Automatically use my windows logon name."
  14. Click OK out of all windows.
  15. A bubble should appear asking for credentials.  Enter your SPC username and password.
  16. You should be connected!